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Enhancing Student Careers with Custom eLearning in Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

July 11th, 2023 - Employers Training - Elizabeth Asbury

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is fast becoming an essential component of tertiary education, with an increasing number of students demanding the flexibility to develop their careers while they study. But how do you provide a seamless WIL experience for students in a multitude of workplaces across a diverse range of industries? With eLearning of course!!

This blog explores how tailored online learning content can successfully cater to the needs of working students, enabling them to excel in their academic pursuits while gaining practical experience through work-based learning.

Flexibility and accessibility

Balancing work and study can be challenging for students engaged in work-based learning. Bespoke online learning content offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility for students engaged in work-based learning. These students can access learning materials, resources, and assignments at their convenience, allowing them to manage their study schedule around their work commitments. The flexibility of online learning enables them to pursue professional development opportunities and gain practical experience while maintaining that elusive balance between work and study.

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Customised learning experiences

Tailored online learning content provides working students with customised learning that cater to their specific needs. These students often have unique knowledge gaps and require targeted learning materials to bridge those gaps effectively. Bespoke content allows them to focus on areas of their work-based learning that require further attention. By tailoring the content to their individual needs, working students can optimise their learning experience and maximise their academic and professional growth.

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Integration of real-world scenarios

Bespoke online learning content can seamlessly integrate real-world scenarios into the learning process, facilitating the application of theoretical concepts to practical work situations. Students engaged in work-based learning can benefit from interactive case studies, simulations, and industry-specific content that align with their professional experiences. This integration helps them understand the relevance and practical implications of their studies, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and enhancing their ability to excel in their work-based learning experiences.

Collaborative learning opportunities

Online learning platforms provide collaborative tools that enable working students to engage with their peers, tutors, and industry professionals. This enables students to network, share experiences and seek guidance from others in similar situations. Virtual discussion groups, forums and mentorship programs foster a sense of community and support, helping working students overcome the challenges of combining work and study. Collaboration also enhances their ability to learn from others' experiences, broaden their perspectives, and build valuable professional connections.

eLearning offers significant advantages to students engaged in work-based learning. With flexibility, customised learning experiences and the integration of real-world scenarios, tailored online learning bridges the gap between work and study, enabling students to succeed academically while simultaneously laying the foundations for a successful career.

The infusion of eLearning into WIL demands a thoughtful and targeted strategy.

This includes crafting specialized online content that zeroes in on the distinct needs of working students, as well as developing platforms that nurture collaboration, connection and mentorship. Moreover, it means delivering flexible and accessible learning modalities that can adapt to diverse working arrangements. In our tech-driven era, eLearning can transform WIL, bringing top-tier educational opportunities to students no matter where they are or what their work commitments may be.

The future of tertiary education is right here, and it's high time we wholeheartedly accept it to ensure our students leave the academic world not just armed with a wealth of knowledge, but also prepared to excel in the workplace.

About the Author:

Elizabeth Asbury (PhD, MSc, BSc Hons)

Elizabeth has been working in online learning for so long that the vacant stares and looks of pity from ‘traditional’ educators have become a distant memory. Thanks to the early adopters and revolutionary thinkers who understood that online learning was about equity and accessibility, no longer is mentioning eLearning akin to screaming into the void. Her Ph.D in Psychology, post-doc research, and years of working in tertiary and vocational education certainly helped prepare Elizabeth for the fight to bring the amazing opportunities online learning can offer to the widest possible audience.

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