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Who can find the time for training?

February 14th, 2023 - Employers - Elizabeth Asbury

Whether you’re an employer looking to onboard or upskill staff, or an employee looking to progress, finding the time for training can be a nightmare. If you’re an employer, face-to-face training of staff or individuals can cost the company a small fortune in lost hours and decreased productivity. Onboarding can also create its own issues – do you wait until you have a small group of new employees or do you onboard each individual? Do you risk errors and poor productivity from those waiting for training, or do you hurriedly repeat the training time and again, wasting time and effort in the process?

If you’re an employee, the issues you face are equally thorny. Will your boss spare you for weekly face-to-face tutoring or week-long block courses? Will you need to take annual leave if you run out of professional development hours? And if you must reduce your working hours, how will you manage on less pay? Upskilling may lead to better prospects, but how will you cover this month’s rent?

Employers and employees face the same problem – they just don’t have the time for training.

And that’s the genius thing about online learning, you can provide the same high quality standardised training to every employee without the need for time away from the workplace. A recent American study undertaken at IBM found that a company gains approximately US$30 of productivity for every US$1 spent on eLearning (Quin & Kochan, 2020). Employers can provide cost-effective workplace-based learning without the need for extended absenteeism, safe in the knowledge that employees are receiving the quality training they require.

Instead of throwing employees the staff handbook, hoping that they absorb the information through osmosis (because let’s face it, have you ever read your staff handbook?) Pipi can use your content to create and host engaging modules, providing you with engagement reports for all participants. You’ll be able to know with absolute surety whether someone had read the handbook or not – and that might include you!

About the Author:

Elizabeth Asbury (PhD, MSc, BSc Hons)

Elizabeth has been working in online learning for so long that the vacant stares and looks of pity from ‘traditional’ educators have become a distant memory. Thanks to the early adopters and revolutionary thinkers who understood that online learning was about equity and accessibility, no longer is mentioning eLearning akin to screaming into the void. Her Ph.D in Psychology, post-doc research, and years of working in tertiary and vocational education certainly helped prepare Elizabeth for the fight to bring the amazing opportunities online learning can offer to the widest possible audience.

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